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Are Bitcoin ATM Kiosks the new Real Estate?






SwiftBitz Ltd is a newly established Bitcoin company in the UK with the exclusive rights for the European distribution of one of the world’s first, if not the first, completely ‘cashless’ 2 Way (Buy and Sell) Bitcoin ATM Kiosks.


The Bitcoin ATM Kiosk market is something new and is rapidly expanding across the world with more companies introducing this technology to the global market place.


Demand is driving this technology as Bitcoin, a new but established crypto-currency, is being adopted worldwide by users and merchants alike.


Coindesk articles (11th/14th April 2014) have reported that merchants are experiencing an upturn in business of up to 10% because they now accept Bitcoin. 97% of merchants are happy with Bitcoin.”


Bitcoin ATM Kiosks on the High Street are going to be an integral part of this new ecosystem expansion, allowing easier and quicker access to the currency that everyone is talking about.


Do you want to be a part of this newly developing industry?    Would you like a piece of Bitcoin ATM Real Estate?


Be one of the first owners or part owners of a High Street Bitcoin ATM Kiosk. Would you have liked to have been involved in the Mobile Phone industry in 1990?






This is your opportunity to own a pace setting, ground breaking, new Bitcoin ATM Kiosk that has been designed and built in Australia by our partners Diamond Circle Pty Ltd and brought to Europe by SwiftBitz Ltd. This Kiosk has been designed and built with solutions for operators and merchants alike.


As Bitcoin ATM Kiosk operators ourselves we launched Europe’s very first 2 Way Cash Bitcoin ATM Kiosk in London in April 2014. Check out this Kiosk right here:


Our sister company, Global Bitcoin ATM is a Bitcoin ATM Kiosk management company offering a hands-free, turn-key solution to Bitcoin ATM Kiosk owners who have the financial resources to purchase Kiosks but otherwise find themselves too busy to place, operate and maintain their Kiosk portfolio.




problemFirstly, we believe that 2 Way Kiosks (Buying and Selling functions) are the future.


There are now 2 types. Cash and Cashless.


Purchasing and operating a Cash ’2 Way’ Bitcoin ATM Kiosk


BulletPointGreenRequires you to find very significant financial resources. To purchase a quality, leading Kiosk, stock it with fiat currency for dispensing to customers and to fund the Bitcoin Exchange that supplies the Bitcoins to your Kiosk, you should expect to have access to start-up capital of around US$150,000+


BulletPointGreenA Bank Account is vital. Why? Because you will need to empty the fiat currency being accepted by your Kiosks so you can use these funds to then purchase more Bitcoin to supply your Kiosk via your Bitcoin Exchange (who mostly only accept money by bank wire to fund your exchange).
Here lie two significant problems for potential Kiosk operators: the substantial amount of start-up capital required ($150,000+) and, more significantly, the fact that many Banks in many countries are not prepared to facilitate Bank Accounts for businesses working with Bitcoin ATM Kiosks (the UK is one particular example).


Even more problems face Cash 2 Way Kiosk operators:


BulletPointGreen Security and cash logistic/handling nightmares increase your overheads and thus the need to charge higher transaction fees.


BulletPointGreen Other competing Kiosks in the market place reducing their transaction fees (our Kiosks have zero transaction fees) because they have lower overheads.


BulletPointGreen Other Bitcoin Sellers (Touts) trying to sell Bitcoin of their own to your potential customers at a cheaper rate than is being offered at your Kiosk.


BulletPointGreen  For reasons of security and other ‘sellers’ there may be a need to chaperone your Kiosk; again this increases overheads and further reduces profits.


 BulletPointGreenYour Bitcoin ATM Kiosk supplier may also be charging you monthly fees – even more drain on your profits. Transaction fees can actually deter customers from using your Kiosk.


BulletPointGreen Quality Cash 2 Way Bitcoin Kiosks are built to withstand attack, are therefore very heavy, and do not lend themselves to being used for mobile Exhibitions or Shopping malls etc.


jp solution


Without foregoing profit but at the same time removing many of the logistical nightmares? Yes, of course!


Firstly, most people carry credit/debit cards in favour of carrying cash. By operating cashless you have just opened up a significantly larger market of potential customers and therefore much more potential for merchants to adopt and accept Bitcoin as the demand to do so increases.


Introducing the Problem solver……



As featured on Coindesk.




The new Diamond Circle Kiosk offers:

BulletPointGreen Zero (0%) Transaction Fees.


BulletPointGreen Completely Cashless but still 2 Way (Buy and Sell) Kiosks.


BulletPointGreen Highly Mobile Kiosks that can be portable to Exhibitions, Shopping Malls etc.


BulletPointGreen Purchase Bitcoin by Credit and Debit cards.


BulletPointGreen No monthly or transaction fees applied by the Kiosk supplier to the Operator.


BulletPointGreen Get started with your Kiosk in place, ready to go from only US$16,000* (no stock to find for the kiosk and no exchange to fund) *plus taxes and shipping.


BulletPointGreen No Chargeback liability to the Operator (from credit card usage).


BulletPointGreen Kiosk provides 2 other potential income streams (further details on request).


BulletPointGreen No need to be chaperoned.


BulletPointGreen Very modern and sleek attractive appearance.


BulletPointGreenNo Bank Account required (built-in banking solution)


BulletPointGreenPays an instant passive income on every transaction (paid in Bitcoin).


  BulletPointGreenKYC and AML is regionally set and simple (details to follow).


  BulletPointGreenOpportunity for everyone to benefit from a Bitcoin income from a operational Kiosk.


  BulletPointGreenPricing of Bitcoin on the Kiosk is based on a mainstream Exchange.


Let’s make this very clear: for a quality 2 Way Cash ATM Kiosk you are going to require a minimum start-up capital of around $150,000 in comparison to just approx. $16,000 with a SwiftBitz ATM Kiosk. All our Kiosks are essentially plug and play technology with a built in banking solution and 2 added possible income streams.


You the operator will be paid a percentage (to be notified) on every transaction at your kiosk and you are paid this instantly into your assigned wallet. You will even receive an SMS when the Kiosk transacts and your wallet is credited with Bitcoin.


This is passive income in Bitcoin at its best.





These are just some of the amazing benefits of the new SwiftBitz Bitcoin ATM Kiosks (supplied and powered by Diamond Circle)


There is no doubt whatsoever that we are at the very start of something BIG!!!


Even better, SwiftBitz have created solutions that allow everyone to become involved in this growing market.


Here is your opportunity to get involved at this very early stage….



Want to own or part own a Kiosk and an instant passive income stream?
There are several options – one to fit every pocket.
Firstly we appreciate there will be buyers who wish to own one of these ATM Kiosks outright and wish to place and operate the machine themselves. There will also be those who want to benefit from owning one within a hands-free management service offered by our sister company Global Bitcoin ATM (GBA)
Remember, this is a global market place, almost the whole world is open as a potential location for a Bitcoin ATM Kiosk. We have worldwide locations waiting to host Your Kiosk (for clients of GBA).

Simple Purchase

Price £9,300 / €11,100 / $16,000* (per Kiosk plus taxes and shipping)
Call our Sales Hotline or send us a message via our website and we will provide further details for you to make a simple purchase of one or more of these Kiosks. We will of course offer training and support in an advisory capacity for the deployment of your new Kiosk(s). Full technical support is provided by Diamond Circle Inc.

Purchase and Management (SwiftBitz Solutions)

Price £16,500 / €20,000 / $27,500 (fully inclusive)*
For those that want to get involved, have the capital to do so but don’t have the knowledge, resources or time to do so, SwiftBitz Ltd can appoint our management company GBA who will place, maintain, promote, control and administer these Bitcoin Kiosks for you under a service level agreement.
These Kiosks will be deployed around the UK initially and then internationally as the market grows (we already have enquiries from Spain, Finland, Germany and Italy), managed on your behalf and thus providing you with a hands-free, turn-key solution with a totally passive Bitcoin income from your machine as GBA take full responsibility for its deployment and operation.

Shared Ownership of Bitcoin Commission Scheme (Limited Availability)

Price £550.00 / €662.00 / $920.00 (per commission Share)*
Don’t have the funds to own your own Kiosk?
Don’t worry We have the answer so that you too can benefit from a Passive Bitcoin Income and help Bitcoin go mainstream.
SwiftBitz is offering an opportunity for everyone whereby they can take advantage of our shared commission scheme and benefit from the Bitcoin commissions being generated from an operational Kiosk. These Kiosks will of course be owned by SwiftBitz and managed under contract by GBA.
Under this scheme each Kiosk allows for 30 shares of Bitcoin commission for 2yrs (24 months from operational deployment). The actual commissions are determined by the usage of the Kiosk and the transactions it processes; it is not a fixed or guaranteed return in any way.
Every transaction completed on the Kiosk (Buy and Sell) attracts an immediate commission of up to 2.5% paid instantly into a dedicated wallet (in Bitcoin) that will then be distributed monthly.
For example, if a $100.00 transaction takes place on the Kiosk (buy or sell Bitcoin) then a commission for that transaction of 2.5% ($2.50) in Bitcoin will be instantly paid to a dedicated commission wallet.
You may purchase one or as many of these Bitcoin commission shares as you like and they cost £550 each (or BTC, US Dollar or Euro equivalent). There will be a continuity process and opportunity that is yet to be determined following the expiry of the 2 year agreement.
These Kiosks will be deployed, managed and controlled by GBA but full transparency of the transactions of the Kiosk will be made available.
This method of commission ownership will increase the number of people benefiting from a Bitcoin ATM Kiosk and produce many more Bitcoin users, thus fuelling further demand upon merchants in the High Street to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for services and goods.
GBA will be encouraging the use of all its operational managed Kiosks by promoting them widely and by supporting merchants who wish to accept Bitcoin for goods and services with a “Point of Service” Bitcoin acceptance terminal and solution.
The incentives for merchants to accept Bitcoin are numerous. However, the point here is that all Kiosks under management by GBA will be fine tuned to maximise usage and increase transactions for the benefit of all.
This option has limited availability and will prove to be very popular. It is recommended you express an interest in this option right now by contacting us and reserving your position.
*Terms and conditions apply on all purchase options.
This is a very brief introduction to SwiftBitz and their soon to be launched Bitcoin ATM Kiosk (powered and supported by Diamond Circle). Further details will be made available very soon.
*All prices are subject to change without notice and may be paid in Bitcoin or Euros.


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